About us

After more than fifteen years experience in the food and hospitality industry, Rosemary Leech established Serious Cookware in 1997, operating from her family farmhouse in South Lincolnshire. Serious Cookware has built a reputation in the past fifteen years for the quality and excellence of its products and services in home cookery.

Serious Cookware offers a wide range of professional and high quality cookware, personally selected for the discerning cook by Rosemary, who is a trained professional chef. Services include charity demonstrations, kitchen reorganisation and personal cookery training from Rosemary who is also a trained teacher and presenter.

Rosemary is a passionate advocate of the world renowned and respected AGA and many of the products and services she offers are particularly useful for AGA owners.

Our website provides further information about the current range of services available. However Serious Cookware prides itself on offering a very personal service and endeavours to meet your individual needs and requirements.